Flight rules are based on the assumption that in limited weather conditions flights are operated on the state owned airports only. This is ineffective and should changed. Today it is possible to create an advanced system, that is safe, economical and effective in terms of the flight execution and supply of the equal medical care.

Aii Airspace Design is specializing to satellite based navigation concepts in professional aviation. As concept don’t need any ground-based equipment, serviceability and cost effectiveness of the procedures is in compatible level.


With this concept Aii Airspace Design can create Instrument approach procedures almost everywhere, also outside of the airports. This increases the capability of public services, like helicopter emergency medical service, police operations as well as public security authorities. Company can also create cost effective and modern solutions for the smaller airports to support national route network. 

The staff of Aii Airspace Design consists of very experienced International aviation professionals. They have expertise in, for example, change management, product development, flight operation, medical helicopter operation, flight procedure design, air traffic control and air safety.

Aii Airspace Design is part of Aii Corporation, private Finnish group of companies located in Helsinki. 

Examples of possible concepts:

  • To increase capability of small airports by building satellite based instrument approach procedure
  • To increase capability of the hospitals by building network of procedures including low flying network between them
  • To support international airports by designing consolidated modern procedures to correspond development of avionics
  • To build instrument approaches outside of the airport, where there is a strategic needs for the nation
  • Maintenance of the procedures

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Juha-Pekka Mattila

Accountable Manager

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Olli Viljakainen

Managing Director

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Alla Kalishevich

Administration Manager

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AII Airspace design is part of AII-Corporation Oy. AII-Corporation Oy (Reg 1944809-1) is registered to Joroinen, Finland.
It is 100% independent, family owned business with AAA rating (16.7.2016) by Asiakastieto Oy.