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Aii Airspace Design is a Finnish company which enables new, flexible and cost-efficient solutions for diverse operators of aviation field.


We are an ISO9001:2015 certified company consisting of experienced aviation professionals and a pioneer in the field.



Aii Airspace Design core team consists of professionals with solid experience in aviation. Our organization is flexible in responding to different customer needs as a company Expert Group of specialists is at our disposal. Among others, our extensive field of expertise covers:

  • Airport and airfield development (including hospital heliports, uncontrolled aerodromes etc.)

  • Flight operations (including State aircraft and HEMS operations)

  • Flight Procedure Design

  • Air Navigation Services and Airspace Management

  • Aviation Safety (including Safety Management System), risk analysis and Human Factors

  • Organization Risk Management

  • Obstacle environment survey and charting

  • Aerodrome and approach lighting

  • Safety Auditing

  • Safety Occurrence Investigation

Exampes of our concepts:

  • Approach procedure and route network for small airports and airfields

  • Approach procedures in uncontrolled airspace which enable more efficient operations for HEMS, State and business aviation aircraft

  • Development projects for small airports and airfields

  • Satellite-based approach procedures to enhance operation of small airports and airfields

  • Approach procedures and development of hospital heliports

  • Flight procedure maintenance

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Projects and developments:

  • Satellite-based approach procedures to Redstone Aero aerodrome (EFPR)

  • Aerodrome design and implementation

  • PinS (Point-in-Space) approach procedure to uncontrolled airspace in co-operation with a HEMS operator to enhance operational efficiency

  • Grant Agreement with GSA (European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency) for Aii Airspace Design OMEGA+ Project (Operational Multilayer Network by EGNOS for General Aviation and for Others).

  • Approach procedures to multiple hospital heliports

  • Surveys of various aerodromes and heliports  

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification

  • Finland’s 1st PinS (Point-in-Space) approach procedure to a hospital heliport

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Our vision is to be a modern, progressive and versatile developer of aviation enabling cost-efficient, safe and flexible solutions now and in the future.   


Our mission is to create a cost-efficient lower airspace traffic network serving air operators and general aviation as well as enhancing their operating capability. We produce new multi-layer operational models for aerodromes and enable interoperability of different fields of aviation.  

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Flight Procedure Design


Satellite-based approach procedures enable IFR flight operations to aerodromes without heavy investments or maintenance costs. Expanding the use of satellite-based IFR flight procedures contributes to both national and Pan-European objectives of digitalisation and promotion of innovative solutions. Our company produces satellite-based approach procedures to several aerodromes and heliports home and abroad.


Flight Procedure Design is a six-stage process consisting of:

  1. Feasibility Study

  2. Generation of initial data (including obstacle survey and charting)

  3. Actual flight procedure design

  4. Validation

  5. Publishing

  6. Maintenance


We offer Flight Procedure Design on a turn-key basis or as standalone service packages.

Services to aerodromes

  • Aerodrome and heliport development projects

    • aerodrome developing based on feasibility study and tailored to customer needs

  • Internal audits

  • Obstacle environment survey and charting

  • Aviation risk analysis

  • Technical consulting services, e.g. aerodrome and approach lighting

  • Air Navigation consulting services

  • Obstacle limitation surface survey

  • Obstacle limitation surface safeguarding

  • Flight Procedure Design


Services to flight operators

  • Safety consulting, including Safety Management System (SMS) training

  • Operations Manual development and support services

  • Safety Occurrence investigation

  • Aircraft database tailoring

  • Company procedures

  • Tailored professional maps and charts

  • Training services 



Other services

Our specialists and experts can respond to all kinds of customer needs in aviation.

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